Testimonials from the super humans we work with are always welcome, however we do respect that our work is confidential. Below is some beautiful feedback.


Having had an ice phobia for as long as he can remember, after a few minutes with Andrew Childers from Being Human, Lee was holding ice and crunching in his mouth for the first time. 

We do love those shocked expressions when what was considered impossible, is suddenly possible.

Now how are his kids going to torment him? Lee is looking forward to helping out with the Gin and Tonics :-)


Meeting Orlando Zucchetto from Being Human always leaves a lasting impression. 

Listen to this persons experience and know that change can take place anywhere and at any time.


Did you know you are born with only two fears:
  1. Fear of loud noises
  2. Fear of falling
The rest are learned throughout your life, and some can limit your enjoyment of life. We will teach you how to unlearn them. After a short time with the Being Human team, see what happens to this life long fear of spiders...


Orlando was recently presenting at a dentist conference in Auckland.

Tina speaks of her experience of meeting Orlando from the Being Human team.


A big thank you to Jo for sending us this video.

Jo talks about how she met Andrew Childers from Being Human at an event and within moments had overcome her life long fear of spiders.