Schools have a duty of care to their students and to their staff.

Finding cost effective, valuable training is paramount. We work with each school to provide bespoke training based upon a through needs assessment.


Teachers are humans doing a fantastic, yet stressful job. We train teachers on how to look after their own mental health and resilience, a healthly school has to start with the staff.

We then go on to train teachers on how to spot mental health issues.


A lot of pressure is put on kids to perform, and the environment of school can be stressful for some. Exam time ramps up this stress, and unfortunately some can't cope. We show students how to manage stress, and get ready for the world. 


We educate parents in mental health, with this knowledge they can monitor their children and identify early signs. 

Parents are humans too, and need to control stress in their own lives, the tools they are taught are for them too.