What will happen in a session?

We always offer an initial free consultation to discuss your requirements, the therapy process and answer any questions you may have, generally these last around 20-30 minutes. The first session is usually booked for longer (approx. 90 minutes) so we can discuss you issue fully and obtain case information. General information gathered would include:
• A welcome chat where you can ask any other questions you have and get comfortable.
• A discussion about your requirements and goals.
• Gathering personal information such as sleeping patterns, lifestyle information, medical symptoms or medication, any treatments involving other healthcare providers.
• An explanation of how the process will work.
• Practical details such as cost, cancellation policy, how many sessions might be needed. After your consultation, your session can begin. While the way your session works may differ from therapist to therapist (each will explain how the process will work), the following typical session structure gives you an idea of what to expect:
• Induction. The hypnotherapist will lead you into a state of deep physical and mental relaxation.
• Once deeply relaxed, the hypnotherapist can then begin 'change work' using techniques and approaches discussed and agreed to help you towards your goals.
• Once the 'change work' is complete, the hypnotherapist will begin the transition to wakefulness, in which you are gradually brought out of your trance.
• Time for any questions you may have, a summary of the session and progress made so far.

Does hypnotherapy work?

Hypnosis has the capacity to work for most people but some are more susceptible to suggestion than others. Being fully committed to the process and feeling that you can trust your hypnotherapist is key. It's also important to keep an open mind, as any scepticism may subconsciously dampen your susceptibility.

Is Hypnotherapy and NLP safe?

Yes, both make use of your own natural state of relaxation and resourcefulness. You can not be made to do anything that you do not want to do, and you can not get stuck in a trance. 

How long do sessions last?

Single sessions last between 50-60 minutes.

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