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We are here to provide mental health advice, support and training, breaking down the boundaries that exist between physical and mental health, after all, its just our health and its all part of being human.

BeingHuman.coach is run by Andrew Childers and Orlando Zucchetto and supported by some amazing partners.

Careful - When you meet them, their skill, passion, energy and determination will be infectious.

Our amazing partners have been carefully chosen to look after your mind and body, after all they are linked.

Andrew Childers is a dedicated teacher of personal growth and a skilled therapist. He is a Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, having studied with Richard Bandler and a Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist.  Andrew is experienced in running his own businesses and has operated as an executive consultant for many years, he uses the skills that he has obtained in every aspect of his own exciting life, and takes great pleasure in helping others become successful and happy. 

Orlando Zucchetto is a Licensed NLP Coach Trainer with the Society of NLP, a path that began with an NLP Practitioner course in New Zealand in 1997. Orlando choose to leave New Zealand in February 2018 to embark on a 12 month 'immersive learning adventure' that literally brought him from New Zealand to England and back and back again! With a diverse background in sales, business ownership and working with people, he is in the UK working in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Training, and his experiences, can become your knowledge.

Our Amazing Partners

Amanda Newman is an Advanced and Clinical Hypnotherapist, who has dedicated the last twenty years to helping others achieve their goals, specialising in weight loss and stop smoking.
The past eight years she has focused on working with teenagers/young adults, teaching them skills to reduce anxiety and build confidence.
Along with being a Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming , Amanda holds qualifications in counselling, coaching and stress management.

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