Do not live the same year 90 times and call it a life. Its time to find out what makes you tick, find your passions, set your goals and fire up your success engine.

I know you're busy, its been your excuse for many years. This year if accepted you could join a no nonsense, not excuses team, focussed on fun, coaching and success.


If you can conceive, then you can achieve, as long as you believe.

If you are looking for a get rich quick, take a pill fix, then this programme is not for you.

If you are willing to follow a concise carefully designed programme, dedicate a few hours a months to YOU, and work as part of a group dedicated on personal success, then lets talk.

A maximum group of 12 are about to spend a year going on a mind and life changing journey, if you would like to be part of this select group, then raise your hand.

'Throughout my life, either as an employee, a business consultant, in the setting up and running of several successful businesses, as a master NLP practitioner, as a clinical hypnotherapist, or as a human finding his place in this world, I've discovered many techniques and processes that I've found extremely valuable. I'm aware time is a precious commodity, therefore I have condensed my most precious tools into a series of monthly sessions, creating what I know to be a life changing journey.

We are all different and we each have our own goals in life, however I have learnt that sometimes what we 

believe to be our goals are not really our true life's purpose, and as a result we really don't get behind them. 

So the journey starts with discovering your own personal true goals. Once known they will be the foundation which we bolt all the coaching onto.

Next I've structured in some extra personal development each month, all designed to shape and expand your mind.

Deciding to run as a group of 12 is no accident, the power of your group is going to add motivation and support. the last thing to add is a bit of magic, with 75% of communication taking place at the sub-conscious level, a large amount of this course's learnings are not immediately obvious, as you grow you'll be able to see more, and I look forward to the last month where I open up the model and share the magic.'

Andrew Childers

Managing Director of Being Human